Liberti is a church of home meetings

Jesus died so that you can be in right relationship with God and with other members of his family. When we grow closer to members of God's family, we grow closer to him.

While this happens somewhat on Sunday mornings, the primary way to do this at Liberti is in smaller groups, or Home Meetings. Home Meetings are 90-minute, small group gatherings of 10-12 people that take place once-a-week at a leader's home in the area.

Home Meetings provide opportunity for fellowship, prayer, biblical encouragement, service, and care. They are the “bread and butter” of our church, which is why we say we are a church of home meetings, not a church with home meetings.

All groups are led by individuals from our church who are given continued oversight and support from our leaders, and, while not all home meetings have childcare, kids are always welcomed.

We would love to help you connect with one of our home meetings — please email if you have any questions about the best fit for you.

Bustleton (NE PHILLY)

Mondays* 6:30pm
Bartlett & Alicia Sts.
Led by Dan


Wednesdays* 6:30pm
Welsh & Valley Rds.
Led by David & Brittany


Wednesdays 7:00pm
Redwood Ln & Sequoia Dr.
Led by Brett & Toni

Morrell Park (NE Philly)

Wednesdays 7:00pm
Focuses on Evangelism
Templeton & Newberry
Led by Jay

Somerton (NE PHILLY)

Thursdays 7:00pm
Woodhaven & Pinewood Rds.
Led by Clayton

*designated childcare provided